Property Managers:  Send Leases Quicker!

My dad and I manage 50+ low-income housing units and we know that it’s time-consuming to prepare new lease agreements.

The main rental agreement we use is only 6 pages, but it takes quite a bit of time in editing values like various dates that repeat throughout the agreement.  You also need to be accurate as a leftover value from a previous agreement could make you look unprofessional or worse give the tenant a loophole when things go south.

I began using this mail merge solution in the middle of 2015 for my own business to draw up lease agreements much quicker by simply editing values in a spreadsheet and creating a new document that’s ready for our tenant to sign.  Less mistakes have been made because it’s much clearer what values need to be inputted into the spreadsheet.

Besides lease agreements, I’d be willing to create any other real estate mail merge solutions for you, such as purchase offers, eviction paperwork, thank you letters to landlords or tenants, etc…

For a limited time, you can purchase this system for just $49.  Once the service is delivered to you, you own it (no monthly subscription or service fees.)

There are some expensive solutions that will do the same thing but why pay $50 to several hundred dollars per month?

Click here to purchase.

Email Aaron at for questions or comments.  Thanks for reading!

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