Real Estate Investors:  Start Delegating!

Although many real estate professionals do tasks that they shouldn’t, real estate investors are notorious for trying to do everything themselves.  In many cases, their investing business is more of a side business to their full time jobs so they’re working 40 to 60 hours at their jobs, handling everything for the investing business, and trying to make a little time for family and friends.

Real Estate Investors:  Stop Wasting Time on Paperwork!

For those who don’t know, I’m Aaron Kinney and I’m a real estate investor from South Carolina.  My dad and I have built a small portfolio of lower-income housing units over the past few years that have allowed me to leave my full-time job.  In 2015, I made an effort to minimize spending time doing things that I don’t like to do.

Real Estate Agents:

How much time does it take you to write up an offer?  If you’re doing it the slow way, you’re printing a blank offer, filling it out by hand, sending it to your potential buyer for review and signing by fax or email, receiving it, and sending it off to the listing agent.