Real Estate Agents:

How much time does it take you to write up an offer?  If you’re doing it the slow way, you’re printing a blank offer, filling it out by hand, sending it to your potential buyer for review and signing by fax or email, receiving it, and sending it off to the listing agent.Depending on how fast your buyer is, this process could take hours or days.  If the property is a great deal, you may have already lost it.  If you’ve been in this business long enough, I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

You may have had a verbal agreement with the listing agent while you’re in the process of getting the offer to him/her, but as I’m sure you know, verbal agreements for many agents aren’t worth the paper that they’re not written on.  You have to get the offer signed by both parties.

For buyers (especially investors) who you’ve worked with on several deals, they probably skim the offers at best as you already know what that buyer wants when he says “Let’s put a cash offer of $50k on 101 Main St” and he trusts you to act for him.

This is where I come in…

Our mail merge system eliminates printing a blank contract and filling it out by hand.  If the buyer trusts you to act on his behalf (be sure to check your state laws), the system will also eliminate the buyer signing steps.

So what used to take you several hours or days could now take 5 minutes or less.  You’re going to not only close more deals but also have time to make more offers, have time to list more properties, or simply leave the office earlier.
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